PAPISA is Rita Oliva, a Brazilian musician, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that took part in several alternative groups until she created her solo project releasing Papisa EP (PWR Records, 2016), followed by single Pressão (Freak, 2017). Here, artistic creation is, at the same time, the source and the result of a self knowledge research that gave birth to PAPISA as the artist recorded instruments, took self portraits and created the album cover.

PAPISA EP had great public acceptance, facilitating a tour over more than 10 Brazilian states, including Festival Bananada, Festival Path and Sonora Festival, finally going abroad to SXSW 2018. In solo performances or accompanied by an all female band, PAPISA and her crew developed a ritual-like show created by sensorial elements and symbolic scenery, where music allies itself to an environment shaped by smoking herbs, crystals and symbolic elements that favor the connection between subtle energy fields and one's inner world. While still touring, the artist works on new songs for the album to be released in 2018.


papisa ep

Papisa EP was  written and produced by PAPISA in a period of immersion in experiences that evokes female energy and spirituality. Inspired by the priestess archetype - and with a name borrowed from classic Tarot, the themes bring usually hidden subjects to the surface, like female sexual desire and intuitive perception discovered by the conscious mind.

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